Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dinosaurs by the Highway

1. The Triceratops at Dinosaur World (Cave City, KY)

2. Highway T-Rex

3. Ouija building

4 & 5. Cave City Ice Cream, Art, & Emporium (why is this place shut down?!)

6. Deserted snack bar at Guntown Mountain

7. Ben outside of the Haunted Hotel at Guntown Mountain

8. Sign on the deserted snack bar 

9. Mosasaur at Big Mike's 

10. Ben touching the Mosasaur's plastic, Party City bowl eyes 

11. Another picture with the Triceratops 

12. Better view of the Ouija building at Guntown Mountain

13. Cutest couple in the world + beloved Triceratops

Monday, March 10, 2014

Shades and Severed Limbs

My life revolves around these sunglasses, which are an awesome antique find from GasLamp Too in Nashville. It's tough finding vintage frames that don't have wacky prescription lenses, so I shed a lone tear (okay, maybe more than one) when I discovered that these babies are prescription-free. I feel like I am emitting a beam of Mink Stole vibes whenever I put them on. 

My goal with this outfit was to look as much like a mysterious neighbor as possible. Y'know, the one who used to bake you cookies and had an unsettling collection of nutcrackers in her living room. I wanted this to be reminiscent of all the mysterious neighbors dotting the subdivisions of the United States.

These severed limb shoes from Iron Fist are a new addition to my closet. 

Hat from Urban Outfitters, sunglasses from an antique store in Nashville, dress from Local Honey (vintage),
shoes from Iron Fist.


The Transformation of a Yodeling Child Prodigy

A few self-portraits
I will start by telling you some basic facts about myself:
1. My name is Cassidy. 
2. I once ate a one-pound burger at a restaurant and had my picture put on the wall due to this phenomenal accomplishment. 
3. I was a yodeling child prodigy. 

Sorry, I am terrible with introductions. Never fear, rad babes, it can only go uphill from here.